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  • Intelligent, Automatic and Productive Production Solutions In Industry 4.0

    ConfirmWare is an automation equipment manufacturer, working closely with leading PV module factories, logistics centers and E-commerce to provide highly automated manufacturing solutions.


    Featured Automation Equipment & Solutions

    MBB cell stringer

    MBB Cell stringer

  • High compatibility:It is applicable to 156-166 cells with 5BB-12BB.Ribbons like standard ones, super soft ones, round ones and strctured LRF ones can be applied for this equipment.
  • High capacity:With double belt cell loaders, double vision system inspection and double 4-axis robots.
  • IR soldering method plus temperature control close-loop control system ensure the stability of soldering temperature and improve the solderting quality
  • High Extendibility:The following functions are available: Cell laser scribing, appearance offset detection (cell space tolerance, sunny side alignment and breakage after soldering) string EL test, LRF, paving and overlap cells with super soft ribbons and round ribbons.
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    Auto bussing machine 2

    Auto Bussing Machine

  • Confirmware Auto Bussing Machine: ABM-180A-Ⅱ and ABM-180B-Ⅱ are applied to solder the bussing ribbons during solar module manufacturing.
  •  The equipment can solder full cell and half cell modules.You can choose one or two of them for working.
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    LSS3600 1

    Linear Rotary Sorter

    Linear rotary sorter is a new type of sorting equipment with high site utilization and simple installation and debugging. It is especially suitable for logistics sites with small area and high sorting efficiency.

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    Loop Type Cross Belt Sorter 1

    Cross Belt Sorter ming Machine

  • ConfirmWare cross belt sorter system can be designed in linear and loop configurations, tackling heavy tasks in logistics sorting center, helping to cut down labor cost, increase sorting accuracy and boost sorting efficiency.
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  • MBB cell stringer
  • Auto bussing machine 2
  • LSS3600 1
  • Loop Type Cross Belt Sorter 1
  • ConfirmWare
    At the Forefront of Automation Technology

    With over 15 years of experience in the industry, ConfirmWare prides itself as being a high-tech equipment manufacturing company.

    Company founder Ren Tianting completed a Master’s Degree in Science in the US in 1997. He then honed his craft until 2005, achieving American patents along the way. His experience pushes to the company’s commitment to automation technology to the next level.

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    We stand out among all solar panel equipment suppliers.

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  • Our Mission

    Providing forward-looking manufacturers the high-end automation equipment.

    With the increasing cost of the labor force, our insight is to replace human force with high-end intelligent machinery applying the latest technology, contributing our own strength to the overall strategy that aims at substituting machines for manual.

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